Black Diamond Strings Red Diamond Mandolins Shertler MANNDOLINS Jeff and Josh endorse and are endorsed by "Black Diamond Strings" Josh endorses and is endorsed by "Red Diamond Mandolins" Josh endorses and is endorsed by "Manndolins" electric mandolins Josh endorses and is endorsed by "Schertler Pickups" (C) 2010 Pinkham Family Band.  -  Website design by Welcome to the official website of The Pinkham Family Band, thanks for stopping by.      Father Jeff, Mother Terry and Son Josh are the Pinkham Family Band. The PFB present a wide variety of Acoustic Blues, Bluegrass, Newgrass, Jazzgrass and original instrumental and vocal music. With guitars, mandolins, banjos and voices they bring a truly unique sound that sets them apart from the standard family band. Jeff's songwriting, rhythm, lead and fingerstyle guitar, Josh's songwriting and virtuosic mandolin, and Terry's powerful bluesy soulful vocals make their live performances a real showcase. Read the full bio>